At Violet Fish we are committed to making our business a sustainable and ethical practice. We are striving to be as “ethical” and “sustainable” as possible. For us, this means; as little environmental damage and waste as possible and no exploitation of humans or animals. We also believe in the longevity of clothes, we design our prints and clothing to defy seasonal trends. Our styles are timeless - if it was beautiful last year it is still beautiful today.

We work closely with our factories in Indonesia. We have full access and regularly visit and view the factory conditions. Our manufacturers have become our friends after working so closely with them for many years.

At Violet Fish, we aim for minimal waste. We design the majority of prints for our collections in-house. This allows us to print only what we need, thus reducing wastage and end of roll cut-offs. The hand process of screen printing, allows us to reorder when required. To further minimise our fabric waste after cutting, we use our leftover fabrics to create our beautiful patchwork ‘forever’ bags. All online orders are sent in these bags that can be repurposed again and again.
At Violet Fish, we only use natural fibres, such as Linen, Cotton, Silk, Viscose and Rayon, which are all biodegradable. These natural fibres are breathable and lightweight, so they drape beautifully and are comfortable to wear in our warm climate.

We are continually revising and improving our current systems, methods and processes to make Violet Fish a more sustainable and ethical business. We are currently switching our post bags to use 100% compostable bags. These bags can go straight into the compost bin! We are also currently liaising with our manufacturers to reduce the amount of plastic they use when packaging our
clothing. We intend to use only compostable materials by the end of 2020. Any plastic satchels we receive we recycle using REDcycle.

Like you, we care about our beautiful planet and try to tread as lightly as possible. There is always room for improvement. Our business is built on authentic relationships with shared values. The people behind the scenes are our family and friends. Together, we are striving for a more sustainable and ethical Violet Fish.



Violet Fish only uses natural fabrics such as Linen, Cotton, Silk, Viscose and Rayon, which are all biodegradable. These fibres are the most comfortable to wear, especially in our hot climate. They have beautiful draping properties and are soft on skin.

We design the majority of our prints in-house at Violet Fish. We use the age-old hand process of screen printing. This process allows for a thicker layer of ink, resulting in long-lasting, brighter and more vibrant colours than digital prints. These inks are also absorbed deeper, providing clearer
edges to the artwork. Our wonderful Indonesian team that perform these processes are true artisans. We love to support this tradition. Our prints are created entirely by hand, so sometimes small variations occur. We think this is beautiful and love the handmade nature of our prints.