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About Us

About Violet Fish

About Us

In a family of four girls and only two boys, fashion was a big part of our day.

The question “what shall I wear?”  was taken very seriously and every little detail would be scrutinised and discussed. All the girls have pursued a career, or more than a passing interest in fashion, fabrics, garments and textiles.

Violet Fish is a clothing label created by two of the sisters (Jill and Eleanor) who share a passion (in fact an obsession!) for creating garments women love to wear. The original Violet Fish was our grandmother who had a career teaching embroidery in David Jones’ Sydney store. Some of her beautiful and intricate work still survives today.

Eleanor has been designing, producing and selling garments for many years and has many years experience in retail and marketing. Jill pursued a career as a patternmaker and lecturer in Fashion. Together their skills, experience and talents complement each other to form an exciting collaboration.

Their designs are sensuous, individual, flattering and inspiring! They use stunning fabrics with the gorgeous rich and responsive feel of natural fibres in colours and prints that are on trend and hand-picked. The emphasis is on quality, detail and comfort with no compromise made on fit. Violet Fish designs are romantic, elegant and quirky in a sea of sameness.